Over the years Plug In Systems have made an array of units. From 1993 onwards all their chargers had the circuit board type of charger. These types of charger where made by various companies for Plug In and all bar the variant used now are no longer made. The new board has a 3 stage facility for improved battery charging with extra amperage to run more appliances and charge at 18amps versus the 12amp original in most cases. Some boards are fitted inside combination units and some inside a completely replaceable "standalone charger"  


Replacement Charger

A purpose built unswitched replica of the Interpower Unit. It uses the 18 amp charger from Plug-In-Systems. An upgrade on the 12 amp Interpower and KT12SM originally fitted. Connections and mounting holes are the same as the Interpower Unit.

It is a good idea to check the construction of the unit behind the Platic Fascia. The front covers can be the wrong one. 

A PMS6 is Aluminium and has the KT12SM unit mounted on a plate at the rear of the unit. Some may have been replaced with Interpower Units.

A PMS7 has two types of construction. The earlier ones are Black Plastic and have an internal circuit board. The original board is no longer available however the new board can go in its place and is in the board section.

The later PMS7 is Aluminium and has the Interpower Unit mounted on its rear.

The PMS2000 is Aluminium and has the Interpower Unit mounted on its rear.

The KT12SM and Interpower unit both have an externally accessable push and twist fuse holder for the output. The Interpower^s fuse holder can seize in place. Both undo with an anticlockwise push and twist action with the correct size flat screwdriver.

Supplied as kits, choose your model. It will include the specific rivets, drill bits and if need wiring. 

(+ postage: £10)

Reconditioned Charger Circuit Board Pre 2002 Only

A reconditioned board from era 1997 to 2001 suitable for units pre 2002. Model supplied may be different from the one in the picture. 

(+ postage: £8)

PMS5 15 Way Negative Charger Kit 

Charger Circuit Board/fittings for PMS5 units up to and including 2005 vans.

The PMS5 unit is an incredibly compact unit combining Mains Power Distribution/Protection with 12Volt battery Distribution/Protection and Battery Charging.

The board supplied was used in units up to 2005. In a format no longer compatable with most units I have them proffesionally modied to allow fitment into older model PMS5 units that can not safely take the newer 2006 on model of board. The newer model has an extra board compared to previous versions and it is this extra board that gets in the way of fitting the later model of board. The cables running to the plugs and sockets on the back of the unit sit on the components of the board. If you can get the 2006 board in, the cables will push against the seperate board potentially breaking connections and causing problems.    

(+ postage: £10)