Generators can be a very usefull and sometimes nessasary tool. The later generators utilising an inverter appear to be a safer bet especially if they are the "true sine wave" variety. A generator producing a higher than tolerance output voltage can result in the failure of your in built caravan/motorhome battery charger and other electronic equipment such as TV^s etc.  Following the generators instructions and a few common sense suggestions can save a costly repair.

Electronic appliances such as the caravan/motorhome battery charger are designed to work on the mains supply as found in your house or on the caravan site. When using a generator you are off the grid relying on the generators voltage regulation to provide an output the same as on the mains.

Unfortunately past experience has found generators that have damaged caravan eqiupment and accessories plugged  into the generator. An analogy is your water pipes at home. They are designed to work at a maximum pressure, but put too high a pressure through and they will burst! The sympton of this on an electrical appliance such as the caravan battery charger is a small amount of smoke from the appliance followed by the MCB or fuse to the appliance constantly tripping/blowing. The appliance will now need  repair. 

The budget two stroke generators are often supplied with instructions to apply a heavy load to the generator prior to connecting electronic equipment. This has the effect of bringing the output down to safe levels for connected equipment.

Using a Generator.

1. Allow the generator to warm up and turn off the choke before turning on electronic appliances.

2. Switch off connected electronic appliances before turning off  a heavy load connected to the generator. Some generators were seen to surge momentarily before settling back to their normal idle position. Ironically a smaller output generator is more prone to this type of equipment damage as it is more likely to be fully loaded.  

3.Only use equipment that is within the rated output of the generator. Normally this is specified in watts. Eg a  2KW(2000 Watt)  kettle is not going to work on an 850Watt generator. Microwaves need at least one and a half times their stated input to allow for their start up demand.  

4.If you have an existing generator have it regularly serviced and ask the service agent to check that the output voltage is to UK specifications.

5. Turn the generator off before it runs out of fuel and avoid the hunting that comes with running off fumes!