Fitted to Van Royce, Buccaneer and bespoke motorhomes the High Tech and CMS system has a digital voltmeter,ammeter, temperature sensors and water level system.  The charger and fusing are seperate to this system.



The systems where largely reliable however there is a chip on the unit that can require resetting if the system freezes. Rare but if this occures a simple method to reset the system is to disconnect the battery and turn off the charger/disconnect the mains so the battery charger is off. Leave the system switched off at for at least 10 minutes. Reconnect the battery to reset the system.

Water level problems will usually be caused by the sensor probes becoming calcified over time. They are replaceable.

The temperature sensor has an external component. In this country a cold reading usually means  the sensor is damaged.

The system flags up a warning if you press the car button with no vehicle battery attached/low battery. This is reset by pressing the clock up button.

 Over time panels with brown/gold and black/gold fascias seemed to have faded. I have had replacements made that are available in the online shop. As a kit it includes a socket to remove the circuit boards off the back of the unit and a scraper and liquid adhesive remover to assist in the removal of the old fascia. Once clean spray the base plate with water. Apply the new fascia. Whilst the adhesive is still wet the fascia can be removed and repositioned to allow correct positioning if you do not get it right first time.